Thursday, August 30, 2012

we are salmon lovers

It's not a very good idea to bring avid salmon lovers to the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. Whilst every other person ooh-ed and ah-ed over leaping salmons and the marvellous painting of the forest-scape reflected in the reservoir, Mr. Andy and I stood before the glass-wall staircase, licking our lips. "Mmm, wouldn't you taste yummy in my tummy!" we say in-between slurps to the stoic expressions on the other side of the glass. Oh, what little they know. 

Staring at live sashimi aside, the hatchery is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon (there's a big grassy meadow perfect for a picnic a little higher up the mountain), breathing in nature's majestic scenery and filling up on clean, crisp air. It's a tad small as certain areas are restricted from entry, but it's filled with an abundance of information on the salmon life cycle and a mini aquarium of baby salmon so it's worth a stop for those already heading to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Be sure to walk out to the railing and see if you can glimpse black darts of jumping salmon beneath your feet! It's really something you won't want to miss. 

Capilano Salmon Hatchery 
Capilano River Regional Park

A: 4500 Capilano Park Road
North Vancouver, BC V7R 4L3

(It's a bit hard to find but if you keep a lookout to the right driving up, you'll see a small green sign telling you to turn left into the hatchery.)
T: 604-432-6350

Cost: FREE 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Midnight by Barcelona

Been searching for the lyrics to Midnight but they weren't to be found so I did them up for others. It was unintentional, but Nathan introduced me to Barcelona this Sunday afternoon after a wonderful sermon on being new - during another of his Spotify living room sessions. And it was so tangy, so melancholic. 

"The older albums are better", he said, and that's what you will find me tonight, feeling out Absolutes. Along with Beatles' Rubber Soul.


Curled around the bed
you're lost in your head
are you lost in your words.

You feel far too deep
it keeps you from sleep
and I know that it hurts.

Tell me everything that you lost
show me every home that you left behind
point out all the ones that you love
I've got time.

Please dont be sad
you dont have to smile 
and make it by.

Its a new midnight 
a new sunrise 
and that cant be bad.

Breaking through your walls
gets hard when I fall
but I think you should know.

When you hide away from light
and shiver at night
I've been there before.

I'll tell you everything that I lost
show you every home that I left behind
point out all the ones that I loved
we've got time.

Please dont be sad
you dont have to smile and make it by.

It's a new midnight
a new sunrise
and that can't be bad.

And I'll stay and help you find a way.

In a new midnight 
a new sunrise

And don't wake up and say everything will be just fine
lie to yourself it leaves everybody high and dry.

Tell me, show me, you're alright.

Please dont be sad 
you dont have to smile and make it by.

It's a new midnight
a new sunrise
and that cant be bad.

And I'll stay and help you find a way.

In a new midnight
a new sunrise

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

lydia's chicken salad

To assauge a heavy stomach following a hearty lunch, it's nice to have a light low-carb din din.  "Created" this chicken salad using what produces were lying around the fridge slightly modeled after Virginia's Tuna Salad, due to my aversion to celery, lack of tuna (not too big a fan) and love of broccoli. Tasty and fulling, but not overpoweringly so, may try to spice things up next time with a shake of cayenne or red pepper flakes perhaps (do you put those in salads)? Raisins could be a nice touch too. Hmm.

(makes 1 serving)

2 eggs
1 broccoli head
chicken strips
black pepper

- Mum keeps ziplocs of chicken strips in the fridge for us kids to whip up a sandwich with, but you could make your own real easy! Bake chicken breasts/ drum sticks (they're tastier) for 35 to 40 min - or until you can insert and pull a fork out smoothly - and strip the meat off. Or you could get a can of chicken breast and strip them up.

- Cut up ham into little pieces.  Chop the stalk off the broccoli and cut them into little bits (refer to above picture).

- Follow the directions to boiling eggs from Virginia except add the broccoli in while you're at it. So, place eggs and broccoli in pot, heat until water comes to a boil and remove pot from stove. Cover and let sit for 10 min then drain broccoli and place eggs in lukewarm water. Cool, peel and chop eggs.

- Mix eggs, broccoli, ham and chicken together with one big tablespoon (or more, if you'd like) of mayonnaise. Salt and pepper to taste. And voila, you have chicken salad for dinner! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

how to make a lazy sloppy joe grilled cheese sammich

1 can of chili, I used wolf brand chili (no beans)
8 slices of wheat bread
1 small stalk of scallion / green onion
2 romain tomatoes
4 slices of any sort of cheese

- Cut tomatoes into cubes and scallion into small pieces, any shape will do. Heat them in a skillet over medium low. Season with salt.
- Stir in wolf brand chili until heated. Pour out in bowl.
- Cut cheese into small slices. Butter one side of each slice of bread with margarine. Place slice of bread with buttered side down and top with sloppy joe mix and cheese. Place other slice (buttered side up) on top.
- Cook each side until slightly brown.

A sudden chili craving came upon me today and I consulted my chef of a bestie for advice on a piquant yet manageable recipe. Oh, was I happy when she sent me to Blog Chef's sloppy joe grilled cheese recipe complete with step by step photo references. It was slightly daunting at first, as there was no ground beef to be found but luckily I remembered the can of Wolf Brand chili sitting in the pantry and all was saved. So here is my simpler and slightly healthier (or so I'd like to believe) version of the sloppy joe sammich for the apathetic cook. 

Ps. The parents both approve! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be

Having finished the perks of being a wallflower, I find it funny how I am reading, or have just read it, now when I've had Charlie's quote on facebook for ages. The one on participating in life. Because this moment seems to be on the cusp of being, if I'd just take the plunge - if I just "participated". As if in the early stages of self-fulfillment.

But I'd like to think that everyone has a choice in things. Like my daddy believes there are "many good people in the world".

Anyhow, dinner is calling and I shall enjoy the rest of flat tire day (learned how to change one under 100 degree weather) listening to the Beach Boys' two-month new album, 'That's Why God Made The Radio', with The Private Life of Bill and Sue en loop.