Monday, July 16, 2012

how to make a lazy sloppy joe grilled cheese sammich

1 can of chili, I used wolf brand chili (no beans)
8 slices of wheat bread
1 small stalk of scallion / green onion
2 romain tomatoes
4 slices of any sort of cheese

- Cut tomatoes into cubes and scallion into small pieces, any shape will do. Heat them in a skillet over medium low. Season with salt.
- Stir in wolf brand chili until heated. Pour out in bowl.
- Cut cheese into small slices. Butter one side of each slice of bread with margarine. Place slice of bread with buttered side down and top with sloppy joe mix and cheese. Place other slice (buttered side up) on top.
- Cook each side until slightly brown.

A sudden chili craving came upon me today and I consulted my chef of a bestie for advice on a piquant yet manageable recipe. Oh, was I happy when she sent me to Blog Chef's sloppy joe grilled cheese recipe complete with step by step photo references. It was slightly daunting at first, as there was no ground beef to be found but luckily I remembered the can of Wolf Brand chili sitting in the pantry and all was saved. So here is my simpler and slightly healthier (or so I'd like to believe) version of the sloppy joe sammich for the apathetic cook. 

Ps. The parents both approve! 

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